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Help children like Danika and fund the world-leading work of experts like Professor Nick Gottardo, Head of Oncology and Haematology.

Four-year-old Danika had a golf ball sized tumour growing in her brain.  

After two marathon surgeries, she was just days away from starting harsh radiation therapy when doctors at Perth Children’s Hospital found a new drug that might help. 

It’s been hailed a ‘miracle medicine’ – it shrank the tumour a remarkable 30%. 

With your support we can help more children like Danika. A gift to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation will help fund our world-leading research and cancer treatments.  

It’s been just amazing to have access to the medicine and not having to go on chemotherapy and all those harsher drugs.” - Natasha, Danika’s mum. 

Finding safer, more effective cancer treatments is a top priority for experts like Professor Nick Gottardo and his team. Their ground-breaking work is helping WA children get access to better cancer treatments faster. 

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Professor Nick Gottardo

As the Head of Oncology and Haemotology at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH), he’s been by Danika's side during her journey with brain cancer. 

After two marathon surgeries, Danika was close to beginning a harsh round of radiation when Professor Gottardo identified a new drug that might help. 

It turned out to be a miracle medicine.

The life-saving drug is one of the new smart drugs that target specific weaknesses in cancer and stop its progression without damaging surrounding cells, allowing a more personalised therapeutic approach. 

This is a very exciting era where I can feel a transition moving away from our more traditional therapies which, although they’ve dramatically altered the course for many children by curing them, have harmed many in the process,” Professor Gottardo said. 

“We now have sophisticated testing to understand the underlying biology of cancer so that we can use very smart drugs which target specific weaknesses in cancer and shut it down.” 

The ground-breaking work underway at Perth Children’s Hospital is bringing better treatments to WA kids faster. All research experiments are designed so they can be applied in the clinic once proven successful. 

Currently, 89 research studies are underway including 39 cutting-edge clinical trials, 30 of which are for brain cancer. 

Nick Gottardo

“When I started in oncology kids like Danika could only have dreamt about trying one medication for an aggressive brain cancer – that’s just the stuff of miracles! And the only way to cure more children with zero side effects is to invest in research.” - Professor Nick Gottardo, Head of Oncology and Haemotology, PCH 

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