Theodore's 1st Birthday Thank you

By Emma Hibbitt

I’m supporting Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

As you all are aware, our Theodore Brian has had an extremely challenging time since he has entered this world!

It all started on the 10-2-2020, when the amazing team at KEMH had realized that Theodore had stopped growing at 34 weeks. This then meant that Theodore had to be induced immediately. 

Theodore was then born 12-2-2020 at 1.22am weighing a tiny 2.33kg and was 43cm long!

After only a week stay at KEMH, Emma and Theodore were able to come home to Grandad, Dad, Thomas & Nala.

2 weeks later, at 3 weeks old, our Teddy contracted HSV and which required a 14 day stay at Joondalup Health Campus while Theodore was on a 14 day antibiotic treatment.

When Theodore and Emma were discharged, the lockdown (due to COVID-19) came into full force in March 2020.

Emma, who suffers with Mental Health issues, really was struggling due to this, and ended up in the Mum's & Bubs Unit through KEMH for only a week, as she discharged herself early as her eldest boy Thomas wasn't coping.

Not long after the discharge, on Theodore's 3 month birthday, Emma and Theodore had a horrific accident.

Emma had tripped and fell over Nala's dog bed, with Theodore in her arms.

Jake and Emma rushed Theoodore to Joondalup Health Campus, then after a CT scan, Theodore was rushed to PCH by Category 1 Ambulance, sirens, lights & all.

Theodore suffered a fractured skull, with bleeding on the brain which then they decided to put Theodore in an induced coma.

An hour after his admission to PCH, Teddy went into theater and had a craniotomy to remove the hematomas and help reduce the excess swelling that the fall caused. 

He had damage to his spinal ligaments, and neck (which he had to wear a soft neck collar for 6 weeks.)

Theodore had a rocky 10 days in ICU, as he developed MRAS (infection common in hospital settings) and pneumonia. 

Theodore's family were told to expect the absolute worst; But he pulled through!  

After just short of a month stay at PCH, Theodore was discharged!

Theodore now has the official diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, right side hemiplegia and vision issues.

Theodore still has rehabilitation (Speech Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy) Early intervention Team, Spinal and Plastic appointments at PCH.

Without the staff and volunteers at Perth Childrens Hospital, none of us would of been able to go through this journey quite as well.

So, we supporting Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Foundation on the frontline of children’s health care.

Please support us by making a donation in lieu of a gift.

Together we can enable the Foundation to pursue their mission of helping transform the lives of WA’s sick children and young people so they can live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Bec Hawkins

We love you Teddy. Happy 1st birthday beautiful boy xx


Amy Newman

Happy Birthday Theo, May this year ahead, be more brighter and happier for you <3


Glen Erika Grace

Happy birthday little fella Love uncle Glen Auntie Erika and Grace


Sandy, Chad & Natalie Hoysted


Jake, Emma, Thomas & Nala

Thank you everyone for your amazing donations! We are honestly so grateful. We want to round it off and make it $500! Thank you to PCH & everyone in-between.


Richard, Heather, Reuben And Eleanor

Happy Birthday Teddy!!!


Rachel Heilers

Happy 1st Birthday Theodore!! Lots of love from Rachel, Chris, Matthew and Tia xx


Debbie And Neil Starling

A wonderful thing you and doing for Teddy’s birthday x


Gabrielle Bathols

Happy 1st Birthday Ted, XoXo Love Gabbi, Tom & Sophia


Lucy Rogers & Rose Richardson

Happy 1st birthday little Theodore. Lots of cuddles and love from Lucy and Rose xxx


Sarah And Daniel

Happy 1st birthday Teddy Love Dan Sarah Aleisha Jazmyne and Casey xxxxx


Jayde Nesbit


Claire Garnett


Anita Nation

Happy Birthday Theodore and congrats Emma on getting through that first year, you’re a super mum! xx


Stephanie Thomson

Happy birthday Teddy🎈 And good job mum, you're a bloody rockstar x


Dani & Matt

Happy 1st birthday my gorgeous boy xxx