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Easy for some.

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Have you ever had a time where you couldn’t breathe properly?

Respiratory problems like this are one of the main reasons children are rushed to hospital. 

Little Lincoln is one of them. Born with four airway disorders, his tiny passages are essentially floppy, making his breathing unnaturally noisy and at times leaving him working hard for each breath.  

Daily life is a struggle. The two-year-old has several other medical conditions including autism and digestive issues, and other undiagnosed disorders.  Problems with his airways mean he’s fed and given medicine via two different tubes in his stomach. 

Lincoln falls sick all the time and spends far too much time in hospital.  

Often, it’s respiratory viruses tipping his weakened body over the edge and compounding his other medical problems. Although Lincoln is on preventative antibiotics given every four hours, there’s a danger that each little sniffle will spiral into something far more serious. 

Lincoln is one of many WA kids who are vulnerable to breathing difficulties when they catch a bug. These kids have underlying medical conditions and when they get sick each breath can become a struggle. 

 Your donation will help fund life-changing respiratory programs and help our children breathe easily, without difficulty or discomfort. 

Lincoln's Story.