Life-saving technology from their first breath.

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“She was too fragile to move to the operating theatre, so they shut down the ward and operated on her there,” Georgia’s mum, Elle, recalling a frightening episode in hospital to save her precious daughter’s life.

From the moment they arrive, babies know how to captivate and charm us. Their irresistible smiles and cuddles bringing endless joy.

But what about those fragile babies who arrive too soon or have complex health issues requiring advanced medical care? The joy can quickly turn to anguish, fear, and uncertainty.

Your continued generosity means so much to WA families in need of urgent and life-saving medical treatment. Please make your tax-deductible donation today to ensure all babies have access to the world’s best and latest equipment and technology. 

Listen to Georgia's story.

Baby Georgia took her first breath at just 27 weeks. A hasty, unexpected arrival for her farming family in the Wheatbelt region of WA. Mum, Elle, made a two-and-a-half-hour dash to Perth to see her Obstetrician, sensing something wasn’t quite right.

Her mother’s intuition wasn’t wrong.  

Georgia entered the world later the same day after an emergency caesarean. Weighing just over a kilogram, Georgia was so frail she was whisked away to intensive care. Unable to breathe on her own, she had a special tube inserted to support her breathing and underwent warming therapy. 

Every year, thousands of WA babies are born prematurely or with complex medical issues like Georgia.  

But thanks to generous people like you, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation can continue to fund innovative equipment and technology to improve the care and long-term outcomes for WA’s most vulnerable children. 

With the rest of her family more than 100 kilometres away, Elle thought they’d be home as soon as Georgia could breathe on her own. But she wasn’t out of the woods. 

A code blue medical emergency sent doctors and nurses running frantically to Georgia’s bedside. A special jet ventilator, gentler than traditional versions, was used to get her breathing again.  

Doctors also suspected a dangerous bowel condition, common in premature babies. But Georgia weighed under the safe operating weight of at least two kilograms and surgeons were nervous about putting her under the knife.  

Their hand was forced when she took a turn for the worse. Too frail to move to the operating theatre, Georgia underwent surgery on the ward at Perth Children’s Hospital. 

Make a tax-deductible gift by 30 June to help others like Georgia by funding advanced technology and equipment for WA’s most fragile babies. 

Georgia was born during harvest, the busiest time of the year on her family’s wheat and sheep farm. Elle recalls that it was in these dark moments that she felt “It takes a village to raise a child”. Fortunately, the local community rallied around, helping harvest the crops and driving the grain truck so Georgia’s dad could visit her in hospital on the weekends. 

“I thought just getting through the operation was the big, bad thing for her, but then she went backwards, she blew up like a big marshmallow baby as she struggled to get rid of fluid,” said mum Elle. 

Premature babies

As well as two holes in her heart, Georgia also developed sepsis, a life-threatening bloodstream infection, and there were worries about certain treatment damaging her eyes. 

Despite her fragile state, Georgia was a little fighter, eventually overcoming a long list of complex medical issues. After more than three exhausting and often overwhelming months, Elle and baby Georgia were able to go home and finally meet her three older siblings. 

With your support, other delicate WA babies like Georgia will continue to receive the best possible medical care so they too can go home into their arms of their loving family. 

Will you help give our precious children the best start in life? So they can grow strong, win their health battles, and bring endless love and joy to their families? 

A donation to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation will fund advanced equipment and technology, like the jet ventilator used to save Georgia during her code blue. 

Please help others like Georgia with a tax-deductible gift of or even by 30 June. Your donation today will make a powerful impact.