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Before you begin

Setting up your fundraiser

During your fundraiser

After your fundraiser

Before you begin

Do I need permission to fundraise?

WA fundraising guidelines states any fundraising event must be registered and approved by us beforehand. It’s important that you are prepared when it comes to organising your own fundraising event. You can get started with your fundraising straight away when you set up your very own online fundraising page - no paperwork or forms required! To create an online fundraising page just click here and start fundraising today!

How do I obtain permission to host my own fundraising event for the Foundation?

Complete our Community Fundraising Event Application form available on our resources page. Alternatively, you can set up your very own online fundraising page – no paperwork or forms required! If you need help with completing the form or have any questions please contact Sarah McNamara, Community Fundraising Manager on or (08) 6456 5554

Do I need any licenses or permits to host my own fundraising event?

If you are organising a raffle you may need to get the correct license from the Department for Racing, Gaming and Liquor – please check out their website before planning your event http:/

If you are holding an event in public or on property, you may need permission from the property owner or council. If you are preparing and selling food you will also need a license from your local council.

Will my fundraising event be covered under the Foundation’s public liability insurance?

You will not be covered under any Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation insurance policies. We recommend you arrange your own insurance for any fundraising activities you undertake.

Will I be reimbursed for any expenses?

We cannot cover any expenses incurred and recommend that if you need to spend money to raise funds then be sure you set a budget from the beginning. As a general rule for every $1 spent you should aim to raise $4. You need to keep track of expenses as well as the funds you have raised which can be easily be done on a excel spreadsheet – just remember this needs to be returned to us within 30 days of your event ending.

How do I create an online fundraising page?

Choose from one of our featured fundraising themes including Celebrate, Challenge yourself, Remembering a loved one or Fundraise your way here. Click on the Start Fundraising button and follow the below steps.

Step 1. Create an account (or log in if you've provided the same email address before)

Step 2. Create your page

Step 3. Make a personalised donation

Step 4. Start fundraising!

Setting up your fundraiser

How do I create a team?

Once you’ve created your online fundraising page, you’ll have access to your very own account with a dashboard. Make sure you're logged into your account, go to your dashboard and you’ll find the option to create a team. Don't forget, when creating your team to select 'YES' when asked "Do you want to allow others to join your team?". This will enable a button called 'Join Us' that will appear on your fundraising page allowing others to easily join your team!

How do I join a team?

The team must be created first. Once the team has been created, the team captain (the person who created the team) can send the team fundraising page URL/link. On the team fundraising page there will be a button called 'Join Us' where you can simply join that team. Don’t forget, the person creating the team must enable “allow others to join” to ensure this button appears on the team fundraising page. As team captain you can update your team settings in your dashboard once logged into your account.

During your fundraiser

Can I use Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation logo?

Use of the Foundation logo is not permitted without prior approval. For further information please contact Sarah McNamara, Community Fundraising Manager on or (08) 6456 5554

Can Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation attend my event or provide a guest speaker?

We rely on the generous support of the community to raise funds and while we greatly appreciate your fundraising efforts as do our wonderful clinicians and nurses, our availability is limited and patient care must come first. We cannot provide Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation staff to help coordinate or organise your event but we can provide you with lots of tips and fundraising resources. For further information please contact Sarah McNamara, Community Fundraising Manager on or (08) 6456 5554

What support will the Foundation provide to help me with my fundraising?

Lots! Check out our Community Fundraising Toolkit available to download from the fundraising resources page. You’ll find some great resources that you can download and print!

After your fundraiser

Can I split the funds raised between multiple charities?

Yes, provided you advise us and the percentage of funds to be split is stated in your fundraising event application form. Your online fundraising page cannot split proceeds between multiple charities and all donations will be received by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation automatically.

How do I transfer the funds I have raised?

Donations from your online fundraising page will automatically be received by Perth Children's Hospital Foundation.

For all cash donations you should transfer your funds directly to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation bank account:
Account name: Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Limited
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 066-125
Account Number: 1044-7264
Reference: Please ensure you include your full name/name of fundraising event

When making a bank transfer please ensure you let us know the $ amount and reference name so we can reconcile our accounts.

For all cheques, please make these payabale to Perth Children's Hospital Foundation, PO Box 8249, Subiaco East WA 6008

How do my supporters obtain receipts for their donations?

Supporters who donate to your online fundraising page will automatically receive a tax donation receipt. If you are collecting cash donations, your supporters may request a tax receipt if the donation is $2 or more. You must complete our cash donation receipt form available to download from the fundraising resources page and return all funds raised within 14 days of your fundraising event.

Where do my funds raised go towards?

All funds raised are used to enable Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) and the wider Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) to ensure WA’s sick children and young people continue to access world-class health care that comes from;

  • Ground-breaking research
  • World-class expertise
  • Education and training programs
  • Innovative equipment and technology
  • Positive patient experiences