Challenge yourself.

Join the challenge!

Challenging yourself is a fun and exciting way to fundraise. Fitness challenges are a great way to keep active but you can challenge yourself in other ways. Give something up that you love or enjoy or swap your favourite treat for something healthy in support of sick kids. No matter how you decide to challenge yourself, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Still unsure? Contact our community engagement team here.

Dedicate a week or month to see how many km you can run and share your progress online. You can even link your fitness tracker to your page to share with your supporters!

Give something up – sugar, your daily coffee or weekly brunch. Set yourself a goal by giving that certain something up for a dedicated week or month

Set up a cooking competition. Pick a theme, get creative and cook up a storm. Ask your family and friends to donate the amount they would pay for your meal

Shave and cut your hair – set yourself a goal to see how long you can grow your hair before taking the plunge and shaving it all off or taking the chop

Create your own challenge! Take yourself out of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself by taking part in that marathon for the first time or organise that office bake-off - the ideas are endless!