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Creating a fundraiser on Facebook

Facebook has created tools to allow you to create a fundraiser directly on the social network, making it a fun and simple way to get your friends and family involved by asking them to donate towards your birthday or a specific event.

Donations through Facebook fundraisers are received via a PayPal Giving Fund and sent to the Foundation within 90 days. Receipts will also be issued by PayPal Giving Fund as they collect and distribute these donations. Because of this process, the Foundation is not supplied with your contact details or information so please let us know if you are raising funds through Facebook so we can thank you for your support.

How to set up your Facebook fundraiser:

Head to this link and select Perth Children's Hospital Foundation as your fundraiser.

Click create your fundraiser and choose how much you want to raise, how long you want to run your fundraiser for, and a title, description and cover photo for your fundraiser.

Share your fundraiser with your friends and family by sharing the link on your profile.

Let us know about your fundraiser by sending us a message on Facebook or at so we can thank you for your support.

If you need help with setting up your fundraiser on Facebook please contact our Community Engagement team.

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