Ben Roades Rite Journey Project

By Paul Roades

My Updates

Saturday 2nd Oct

Thank you to my Sponsors


Various Donations

Donations collected from the sale of various wire art sculptures at the Mandar Markets, Mandurah on 10th October 2021. Well done Ben :)


The Myatt's

Great work Ben!


Rod Hall

Well-Done too Jo&Paul - Proud Mum and Dad !! GrandPoPs in North Wiltshire UK


Keith Hanger

Hi Paul Received newspaper write up from Uncle Rod Hall A customer and friend. Love the initiative of Ben and following Rods attitude already. Wishing you all the very best 👏🏻👏🏻🥰


Paul Roades

Extra donations


Mandy Taylor


Rachael Thompson

Thank you.




Natasha Hoyne


Emma O’donnell

Great job and keep up the good work


Dominic Soans

Thanks, real nice idea


Napmi Walsh